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Using the power of women’s sport to

create a future of, by, and for strong women.

Using the power of women’s sport to create a future of, by, and for strong women.

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The benefits of playing sports have been touted for decades, with new research released regularly.

We know that female athletes do better in school, are less likely to engage in risky behavior, and are healthier than girls and women who do not participate in sports.

We know that they are more likely to attend and graduate college, become business leaders, and be active members in their communities.

We know that legislation, like Title IX, has increased the access to sports for girls and women and because of this the number of high school girls participating in sports has risen tenfold in the past 40 years, while six times as many women compete in college sports.

Yet we also know that girls and women have 1.3 million fewer opportunities then their male counterparts to play a sport, and that there continues to be a significant drop off (of up to 70%) in female participation in sports around age 13.

Creating a world in which girls and women see other successful female athletes on TV and in the media, are encouraged to continue to play sports, and in which they are given a path to successful and viable careers in sports, allows them to continue to benefit from all that comes with sports participation.

Finding Solutions

We believe in approaching from both sides of the pipeline.

At the younger leagues, we are working to improve participation levels through programs that bring professional athletes to girls all over North America, introducing them to aspirational role models and reinforcing the benefits of continuing to participate in sports. This creates a stronger talent pipeline for the collegiate, national, and professional leagues.

At the collegiate, national, and professional leagues, we are working across the leagues (male and female), with sponsors, and with networks to ensure an increased representation of female athletics, improving the amount of visibility and support for women to have viable careers as athletes. This gives more girls visible role models – “If I can see it, I can be it.” – and reinforces the participation at the lower levels.

Number of All High School Athletes Who Are Female
Percentage of Female Business Executives Who Played Sports
Maximum salary cap for a Professional Basketball Player in the WNBA


Take the SheIS Challenge!

Step 1: Take a picture/video of yourself watching or attending a girl’s or women’s sporting event (professional or amateur). We love creativity so get creative with those selfies or group shots!

Step 2: Post it to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using #SheIS and challenging 3+ friends, family, or colleagues to go watch or attend a girl’s or women’s sporting event and post their own pic/video. (Remember to tag SheIS on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in your post!)

Step 3: Rinse and repeat! Keep going to games, keep sharing pictures and videos, keep spreading the word about how many amazing female powerhouse athletes there are out there!

By participating in this Challenge, and asking others to participate, together we can show the world that female athletes are worth watching! Demonstrating this demand helps to create more avenues for increasing the resources and support that gets pumped into the women’s sports world.

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